Golnar & Mahan Trio

Golnar & Mahan Trio (AT)

Multi-instrumental, multi-lingual and multi-cultural, Golnar & Mahan is the definition of a real cosmopolitan band. 

Golnar  Shahyar and Mahan Mirarab have been two inseparable musical partners  since they first met in Vienna in 2011. Both, influenced by the Iranian  culture, they specialise in blending jazz with oriental folk, polyrhythm  grooves, Afro-Cuban and European classical music elements. They have  been performing internationally with their different bands and produced  three CDs under the names of “Choub” and “Sehrang”. Their third and the  latest CD “Derakht”, from Golnar & Mahan Trio, together with the  Austrian power-house percussionist, Amir Wahba, is said to be “a true  masterpiece” by the critics.

Golnar  Shahyar s voice being »one of the most powerful sounds you can ever  witness« combines tribal chanting with scat singing and Tahrir (a form  of oriental yodelling). Mahan Mirarab with his double neck guitars,  plays effortlessly between jazz and oriental scales and hypnotises with  his groovy, fine and virtuous playing. Amir Wahba, with his unique  percussion set, takes the groovy character of the trio to another  dimension. 

Together  with their compositions and improvisations, these three virtuosos,  create such powerful groovy and lyrical sound that one could claim they  re-define the paradigms of world music and jazz. “...Singing like a  bird, Golnar tweets gracefully on top of the noble masters, Mahan and  Amir. Immensely enchanting, Golnar & Mahan’ s concert is a real  symposium of art and philosophy accompanied with inspiring musical  harmony between the band members.” - Danas Newspaper.”


“Their music transcends geographical and language barrier.” - All About Jazz 

"A musical experience that takes you, in the most beautiful and gentle way, to another distant dimension." - Mica Austria

"When  Golnar Shahyar sings, you can easily forget everything else around. The  trio is an enrichment to the Austrian music scene." - Helmut Jasper (Ö1)

"With  "Derakht" Golnar & Mahan deliver an album that really gets under  the skin and while magically attracts with every sound, has an intense  effect and simply does not let go until the end. Golnar Shahyar, Mahan  Mirarab and Amir Wahba perform a true masterpiece on their debut album,  one that will definitely not go unnoticed for its extraordinary  beautiful and lyrical sound." - Mica Austria

Golnar Shahyar - Voice, Guitar, Piano
Mahan Mirarab - Guitar, Fretless Guitar
Amir Wahba - Percussion