Duckshell (HU)

Duckshell has been a Budapest world music band since 2017. Our concentrated dance music is influenced by Hungarian folk music and South American influences. In addition to Szekler, Gypsy and English, the band has members of Brazilian origin, so besides Hungarian and English, some of their songs were written in Portuguese. In addition to their regular concerts in Budapest, they also play in country clubs and festivals. From the outset, they toured overseas with French, German and Spanish audiences. When they didn't perform, they played a lot of music on the streets of Europe, which made the seven-member band even more energetic. 
Given that they exist in the World Music palette, they pay attention to the more live instruments in the production and the more extreme the show. The songs are based on dance music so that the audience not only goes to their concerts to listen to music but also dances.