Cadik is a creator, DJ and producer of the European underground. He has been a cult figure in the Budapest music scene for over 20 years.

Although his art is rooted in dub and hip hop, he is able to constantly renew and always focuses on innovation. He is a musical visionary with a keen sense for identifying and following upcoming trends and talents. He often presents the experimental - nonlinear - side of the styles he represents in his mixes and records.

A multilayered artist, internationally well-known beatmaker. He produced materials in various genres, and his records have featured some of the biggest names in the Detroit hip hop scene (Slum Village, Black Milk, Blu).

A film score composer, the member of the team Membran which was awarded the best original film score in 2007 by the Hungarian Film Week.

He has been a pioneer of British deep dubstep from the very beginning. His latest EPs were released by one of the best-known international dubstep labels - White Peach Records - and also by the Hungarian-related Frozen Plates label.