We are a virtual market-stand offering music-farming goods. Sure, it's all organically grown, you can be as picky as you want! So this is not a supermarket, as we are not having all those fancy air-drills and cherry flavoured lubricants. There's no tastelessness, we only provide delicacies, a whole spectrum of them! Let's see... we build deep, tall, broad, tight, painted and unstained kiosks, once in every month, as long as it feels good to all of us. To get to the bottom line, house music is our common denominator, an it’s whole wide halo. All those things we love and would love to make you love… Occasionally, we’ll lament on the misunderstood paradox of music aiming to both the mind and feet and we will prove that it surely is possible. Our goal of course is nothing more than having fun. We’ll dance.