Žagar –  album-release, guest: AIWA

Žagar – album-release, guest: AIWA

Žagar –  album-release, guest: AIWA
Friday 19:45
Concert Hall

Žagar – album-release, guest: AIWA

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Žagar – Woods, Spirits & Sorcery - Album presentation

After six years, Žagar releases a new studio album in which nature and supernatural play a major role. This time, the visual world wll also be emphasized again.


Fifteen years have passed since the release of Ferenc Török's Season movie and the Zagar soundtrack titled Eastern Sugar. This was the first time Zagar showed itself as able to renew between two albums: Eastern Sugar in 2004 was a big surprise compared to the world debut album of 2002. It has a unique curve of eclecticism: its title song is a pop-rock hit, featuring “typically Žagar-like” space jazz (Miss Balaton) and a summer lounge (Just For Fun), but we can also find indie pop-like bluesy trip (Where an other Sun Shines) and bouncing breakbets (Party Animals) - and we haven't mentioned all the songs yet.

This world that hasn't grown old a minute will be recalled at the A38 Ship by Balázs Zságer on September 28 at the 15th Újbuda Jazz Festival. We can watch the Season at the concert so that we don't see it just hear it. As every song is heard from the first to the last tune at the end we'll jump together to imagined Lake Balaton in 2004.

Guests: Edina Kutzora, György Ligeti.






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