Žagar –  album-release, guest: AIWA

Žagar – album-release, guest: AIWA

Žagar –  album-release, guest: AIWA
Friday 19:45
Concert Hall

Žagar – album-release, guest: AIWA

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Žagar – Woods, Spirits & Sorcery - Album presentation

After six years, Žagar releases a new studio album in which nature and supernatural play a major role. This time, the visual world wll also be emphasized again.


“Spirits are not otherworldly ghosts from the distance but are the very nature of the forest. Trees have music in them, mushrooms are alive and singing - We learned our songs from them.”

After six years, Žagar will release a new studio album. The formation led by Balázs Zságer has traveled its way without compromise since its establishment - creating an inspiring, uplifting world for its audience. As a leader in the domestic electronic music scene, their music is always characterized by renewal. Nature and supernatural play a major role in their new album. Theme choices are now more surreal than ever before: Indian Diables, Tropical Rituals, Singing Mushrooms, and Tigers. All this is called the tribal rhythm of Africa and South America and the meditative spirit of Eastern music. This time the visual appearance and the visual world will be emphasized. The new album will be released on vinyl by the Théque publishing house and will be available at the concert!

The evening will be opened by Farbwechsel's prominent personality, Lajos Nádházi, ie live act of AIWA.


Gozlán Fatima - darbuka, djembe, ney

Bukky - vocal

+ Surprise guests

Katona Kati - visuals






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