A38 Pesti Est 25 Tetőterasz

Wombo Orchestra (FR)

Incrazed brass attack flavoured with hiphop: a marching lunatic asylum with the best and harshest beats you can wish for. Don't dare to miss the truly French fiesta!

Wombo Orchestra (FR)

French fusion brass-band aka Wombolombakéhé!!!

With their horn bells sticking out from the windows of the caravan at the sound of the faintest rhythmical signal, the Wombo Orchestra is a family... And you don't need to open your eyes to see it. Their overflowing energy explodes from all sides and sets everybody's neck in motion. The message is for the heart's knees and the soul's thighs.

Whether they're in the street or on stage, the Wombos depict their musical universe through « brass band » arrangements and make us discover music that we thought we already knew. The percussive transe is aroused by powerful, saturated and compact horns. To top it all, the melodic and feminine vocals add the final multicoloured touch to the paintings through a furious megaphone.

Playing in a brass-band, it's blowing hot air ; but steady and in the right direction!

Line up:
Frédéric CORBIÈRE : Alto Sax
Jean LAGORCE : Soubassophone
Hervé PERNYQUOSKI : Trumpet
Stéphane GRÉTIN : Trombone
Manuel LAGORCE : Drums/Voice
Julie ROMAN : Voice/Percussions
Florent GUICHARD : Trombone
Edouard LHOUMEAU : Tenor Sax/Soprano Sax
Pascal GACHET : Baritone Sax/Trumpet
Marc VERDIER : Tenor Sax/Sound Engineer
Nayeli LAGORCE-ROMAN : Wombo Baby
Jennifer PAON : Merchandising/Nurse

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