My City Budapest 2014

We Are Rockstars, Carbovaris

Indie supergroup We Are Rockstars and young and emerging Carbovaris from Hungary will share the renewed stage of the ship terrace.

We Are Rockstars

We Are Rockstars is a Hungarian electronic rock band from Budapest, founded in 2009 by György Ligeti (lead vocals), Tamás Faragó (guitar) and Csaba Kovács (drums). The final line-up was completed when Tamás Szijártó (keyboards) joined the group in the summer of 2010. The band’s name is a bit of a trivia, but if you are familiar with the UK band ‘Does It Offend You, Yeah?’, then you have your answer. The band plays electro rock, flavoured with the unique sound of the 60’s beat pop, 80’d synth pop and modern indie rock. Each band member brings his own influences into the We Are Rockstars sound. Their influences include The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Primal Scream or The Killers. If you listen carefully to their unique sound you may pick up on The Doors influence in a few songs too. The band’s debut album (Let it Beat) is released on iTunes on 22nd of november 2011.


György Ligeti - lead vocals
Tamás Faragó - guitar
Tamás Szijártó - keyboards
Csaba Kovács - drums


Powerful, kicking youngsters just about finishing their third album.

Their songs will kick you like a kiss!

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