Vök (IS), Belau

Vök (IS), Belau

Vök (IS), Belau
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

Vök (IS), Belau

  • Electro
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  • Pop

Almost exactly a year after their last show, Vök return to A38 Ship! We welcome them after their most succesful year so far: they didn’t only constantly tour (on their own or as Editors’ opening act), they have written and recorded their sophomore album. Despite the record will only be out officially on 1st March, Vök are in the line of releasing new singles: four songs of ’In The Dark’ are already out now. These are more pop-inspired then the Icelandic trio’s earlier work, and they pick up even deeper topics, like anti-consumerism and gay rights. These are the energies to expect from them on stage in 2019, too: r’n’b melodies dressed up in dreampop, with deep musical and lyrical messages.

Belau, a dreampop act from Hungary will open for them: expect a same style with a different approach than Vök: before getting to the hills of Iceland, Belau takes you to an imaginary trip to the seaside.

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