Wine and jazz at the A38 Restaurant

Vázsonyi János & Kardos Dániel

Wines by one of the very top Hungarian wine-producers, the Vylyan Winery, food by an oustanding chéf, the A38's Bozsányi Krisztián, and jazz by a fabulous saxophone player and one of the most well-known poets-singers-guitarists of the Hungfarian scene.


Bor és dzsessz az A38 Hajó éttermében

Vylyan = Villány, according to the records.

Choosing a name for the enterprise was determined by the commitment to the region and respect for traditions. “Vylyan“was the name used for “Villány“in a 15th Century manuscript. And the manner in which it was written, using a quill pen, served as inspiration for the form of the logo.

Vylyan plantations can be found on the beautifully located slopes of the Villány Hills and the winery on Black Hill (Fekete-hegy) in Kisharsány, lying in the heart of Dobogó vineyard.

The founder, Pál Debreczeni, aimed to set up a trendsetting winery that would stand its own in international circles of winemaking. Right from the beginning the main consideration, subordinating all other aspects, was that of quality, – from choosing the slopes for the vines, to marketing the wines. They planted our first grapes in 1992 and their first wines were introduced to the market in 1997.

Beside the special qualities of the soil, the hard, enthusiastic work of an open-minded professional team bore its fruits and today Vylyan is one of the most prominent vineyards of the Villány wine region.

On this night you'll bea able to taste simply great wines and delicious food accompanied b one of the most refined jazz duos in Budapest.

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