Vatican Shadow (US), Isu, Dork, Sinko

Vatican Shadow (US), Isu, Dork, Sinko

Vatican Shadow (US), Isu, Dork, Sinko
Friday 00:00
Concert Hall

Vatican Shadow (US), Isu, Dork, Sinko

  • Electronic

"Tonight Saddam is walking between ruins"

"Remember Your Black Day"

"The circumstances were soon questioned"

"Rocky sounds come out of a Motorola walkie talkie"

"Where there's money, there's no forgiveness there"

We would say that it is talkative headlines, but then we would be lying. A few years ago, Dominick Fernow, thinking about the prurient alternative to the Prurient, was thinking of launching a Vatican Shadow pseudo-militic industrialist project that does not provide answers but raises questions. His ominous and conspiratorial, non-rosy visionary spy music has no heroes, just a puppy on the chessboard of the worrying spirit of spirit that he moves all the time - but for a moment he doesn't tell which side they stand on.

Who was there in 2014 on the proper day of UH Fest knows well that a Vatican Shadow action is impossible to forget. And also, after that, looking for a long time behind his back on the night street, looking for American-Yemeni-Chechen agents. “I want people to dance. But dancing doesn't necessarily mean joyful fun. Dance is energy, dance is fearlessness, ”Fernow once said. Time to dust off the most comfortable black-camouflage set.

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