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Piano Day Budapest 2018 - Vaghy, iamyank, Lisa Morgenstern (DE/GB)

"Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But first off all because its good to celebrate the piano and all around it: the peformers, the composers, the builders, the tuners, and first of all the listeners" - with this sentence the Piano Day was started in 2015 by Nils Frahm,  one of the most influential pianists of classical music in the world today. The 88th day of each year (88 is the number of keys) which is usually March 29th bevomes the piano say when everywhere around the world people celebrate with concerts the the most influential instrument of the world. After last year's debut this year the Piano Day in Budapest continues with two great musicians supporting classic modern style the pianists vaghy and iamyank on a night that will feature also a very well-know foreign pianist and a very special unique instrument a very rare piano.  


Tamas was born in 1976 and started playing the piano at the tender age of 6. He learnt classical music and jazz in state music schools.
Under the influence of Mini and Jethro Tull he also picked up the flute, which for some time took precedence over the piano. In the meantime he did his final exams. It was during secondary school that he became interested in rock music and started playing in amateur outfits and later on with many young talents. Joining Pa-dö-dö meant learning the basics about music and technology for 6 years. Then Sushi Train was formed, playing nu-metal. Besides playing covers he started concentrating on his own compositions and this process reached its peak at the finals of the Hungarian Eurovision song contest in 2005. After he joined Sugarloaf and in the same year I also met the Fonogram award winning Anna and the Barbies.

iamyank – Atreyu's Horse

I'm a musician, gear lover, composer, teacher etc..whatever.. a fan of music. In 2017 spring I bought a piano and it changed my life. I was started an instagram profile for capturing my everyday experiencing with minimalist patterns with piano.

A day I tried to play along with my modular synths and I loved it. On my youtube channel  I'm practicing to put together my music with simple, nicely colored shots. 

In 2017 autumn I started my weekly live stream where i'm improvising for an hour and sometimes talking about life things.
Tune in on every Sunday 6PM (UTC+1) or to join our ⚜ Ambient Club⚜  for the archives of the live stream.

Lisa Morgenstern (D/BLG)



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