Tudósok Zombieslayer Concert, Opera on paintings

Tudósok Zombieslayer Concert, Opera on paintings

Tudósok Zombieslayer Concert, Opera on paintings
Monday 20:00
Concert Hall

Tudósok Zombieslayer Concert, Opera on paintings

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On the night of the Tudósok Zombieslayer Circus, the darkness will be overcome by the fire of madness, and the soul will be filled with joy and extasy!


In the first part of the evening, you will be able to see the premiere of the Dada performance entitled Opera for Paintings, where drMáriás's paintings will come to life as giant stages and provide the basis for the music-singer-text scenes. To the supremely refined, stunning. playful, cruel, absurd and twisting music of Ambrus Tövisházi drMáriás will sing, speak, make music and dance to as if he were conducting an exhibition at the Scala.


In the second half of the evening, the band Tudósok will give a special concert, in which, in addition to their favorite songs that make you want to dance, there will also be a special presentation of their evergreen Lopni kell evergreen, where the greatest master of ceremonies of the electronic ambient genre, Shane54, will embed their music live in the dramatically cosmic world of his hyperdynamic visuality.

Tudósok CDs and drMárias albums will be available on site, as well as A3 size unframed drMárias prints at the Inflation-killing Zombie Sale price of HUF 40,000.

The restaurant of A38 awaits its enthusiastic, thirsty and hungry guests with extended opening hours in order to improve the atmosphere and conditions of Zombie Slaying.

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Tudósok is a major representative of underground and progressive music on the Hungarian scene, who mix poetry, music and performance into a very special, typically East-Eurpean artistic language with a lot of humour and (self)irony.

During the last years they have performed from New York through London, Paris and Berlin to Roumania and Sicily, from festivals of contemporary music through avantgarde jazz-clubs to pubs.

Their long-time trio line-up has been enriched with a great new member, Ambrus Tövisházi on keys, who has been one of the most recognised composers and band-leaders on the Hungarian underground and pop scene.

Line up
drMáriás: vocals,, alto saxophone, trumpet

Antal Dezső: baritone sax

Levente Gulyás : guitar

Endrei Dávid: bass guitar

Jeli Gergely: drums








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