Zenére éhesen? Koncert+vacsora az A38 Hajón 2017

Triggerfinger (BE) - Colossus album-release, Trillion

The immortal geniouses of kicking rock, who have revived so many dead souls so far return finally to show that music can be better than anything else on earth.  

Triggerfinger (BE)

The prefabricated major label pop that is flooding the charts at the moment might be great on some occasions: while you’re working, on family outings, during a dinner party or at any other time that music just provides for a setting rather than distracts you. But once in a while you need music to be more than that. You want it to totally consume you. You want in to raise your adrenaline and make your heart pound faster. You want it to be subversive and raw. You want it to take your mind of anything and anyone. You turn up the volume and you just let it hit you in the face.

It takes a certain magic to make that happen. Think of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Motörhead or, more recently, Queens of the Stone Age. Magic that is born out of bringing musicians together. With Ruben Block as an enigmatic frontman and high-precision guitar player, Monsieur Paul on bass and Belgium’s most wanted Mario Goossens on drums, also Triggerfinger became such a band where the unit adds up to more than the sum of the individual parts.


Strong, powrful, great rock by some of the best musicians on the Budapest scene.

Line up:
András Áron - vocal, guitar
Mátyás Mohácsi - bass
László Szabó - drums

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