Tosca (AT)

Tosca (AT)

Tosca (AT)
Tuesday 22:30
Concert Hall

Tosca (AT)

Contemporary multimedia perfomance art

A special interactive performance by the famous duo from Vienna.



"There's a feeling in Vienna that is very special," explains Tosca's Richard Dorfmeister. "It's grey a lot of the time. But there's something exciting and inspiring about it as well, something very colourful. That contrast has definitely had an effect on our music. You know, a mixture of a downtempo vibe with something that is very positive."

Tosca's new album Odeon is slated to be the first release of 2013 on the duo's longtime home of !K7 Records. Featuring collaborators from Tosca's creative inner circle, including vocalists Callier and JJ Jones, the album is darker than their previous five albums, more downbeat, at times ambient. It's unlike anything else out there at the moment.

Tosca's Rupert Huber takes up the thread. "The album is definitely a little darker than anything we've done before. It's mainly male vocalists. There are the moodier ambient tracks and then some songs with downbeat bluesy feel."

The album's name comes from the venue in Vienna where the duo debuted the new material in October. The performance went so well they decided it would make a fortuitous name — the music/place interface in action once again. The performance features as a bonus disc on the deluxe version of the album that will be available exclusively via the !K7 webstore.

Odeon is the sound of a band at the top of their game, still relevant after two decades. "It sounds like a cliche," says Dorfmeister "but we've never really thought about other people's music when we're writing our own. We try and create our own sound. We really have always been like that. And I think we've developed a trademark sound because of that."

They certainly have. It's been called 'the Vienna sound'. And, in updated form, it still sounds like nothing else.



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