My City Budapest - Summer Festival on the A38

The Trousers

Ozone Mama

Two bonenbreaking, pure and honest, maximal energy bands will fill with energy the lucky ones on this flaming night.

The Trousers

The Trousers is a garage rock/hard rock band from Budapest, Hungary. Their main influences are 60s-70’s rock and roll (Thhe Rolling Stones, Iggy & The Stooges, Led Zeppelin) and contemporary rockbands like Hellacopters or BRMC. They released their first album (Planetary process) in 2008, and they had a No 1 hit on hungarian national radió, which was also released int he US and France. The second LP, Soul machine came out in 2010, and it was nominated for best hard rock album of the year in their countrz, and they also had an offer from CBS’ Hawaii 5.0 for a song. The third album, Freakbeat is coming out this spring, and they say it will be their strongest.

In the past 5 years TheTrousers played in Denmark (Gutter City Garage Rock Festival), Germany  (Melt! Festival), Belgium (Botanique Club), Austria, Czeh Republic, and Romania.

Zoltan Kovary (Dr Buffalo) – vocals, guitar;
Peter Locke – guitar; Adam Ilias – Bass; Zoltan
Cs. Szabo (Chase E.) – drums.

Additional musicians:
Zsolt Derecskei – Keyboards;
Rita Csányi – backing vocals.

Dive insane (EP, 2007);
Planetary process (LP, 2008);
Soul machine (LP, 2010);
Sister Sludge (EP, 2012);
Freakbeat (LP, 2013)

Ozone Mama


Ozone Mama delivers an authentic easy-listening rock vibe. Their songs show a modern take on the late 60s', early 70s', "The Golden Era of Classic Rock".

The band had won the 2012 Hungarian Grammy-award 'Fonogram' with their debut album: The Starship Has Landed. Their Freedom EP was released in 2013. Their song: "Go" has already been put into rotation in the broadcast of Hungary's most famous radio-channel MR2-Petofi.

The same song along with the one called ’The Juggernaut’ is currently being airplayed in the Kentucky-based WMMT’s The Rock Show which could be heard in five states of the USA.

The song "I Really Care" was featured on the Classic Rock Magazine's Unleashed Vol. II bonus CD, 2013 Summer Issue.

Their live shows have drawn rave reviews and with a fan base that is rapidly growing. The band has also gained both local and international recognition due to their soulful music and far above average live performance.
Ozone Mama is a unique four-piece band that features a charismatic frontman Marton Szekely along with the brains behind the band, guitarist Andras Gabor. The band also features globe-trotting bassist Gergely Dobos and a young dynamic drummer, Mate Gulyas.


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