The 25 year old Pesti Est Presents

The 25 years old Pesti Est Presents: The Toasters (US), Van Damme (FI)

One of the greatest bands belonging to the second generation of ska the New York based The Toasters return to Budapest for a great kicking gig supported by the great merry and crazy Finnish band Van Damme.  

Our special dinner offer:

Falafel skewer with a spicy dip and salad

The Toasters (USA)

The Toasters mean for America the same as the Specials or the Madness do for Europe: the ska itself. The band celebrating its 25th anniversary last year is one of the most influential ska bands ever. Though the band members completely changed around the founder Rob Hingley during the years who emmigrated to the States from Britain, the Toasters remained a respected cult of the Eart coast til today. Hingley is also the founder of the most influential ska label, the Moon Ska Records. Its successor, the Megalith published the Hungarian PASO’s first studio album. Here their friendship derives from, so everything is given for a huge ska-celebration on this night.

Line up
Rob 'Bucket' Hingley: guitar, vocals
Jason 'Jah-Son' Nwagbaraocha: bass guitar, vocals
Chris Rhodes: trombone
Jeff Richey: saxophone
Buford O'Sullivan: trombone
Larry 'Ace' Snell: drums

Pool Shark, 1987
Skaboom!, 1987
Thrill Me Up, 1988
This Gun for Hire, 1990
T-Time, 1991
New York Fever, 1992
Dub 56, 1994
Ska Killers, 1996
Hard Band for Dead, 1996
D.L.T.B.G.Y., 1997
Enemy of the System, 2002

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