The Scarlet album-release & 4th birthday, Travellers' Company

Hungarian specialists in speedfolk, hardfolk, pirate punk and merry pub music celebrate their fourth birthday in great company at a great party!

The Scarlet

One of the most emerging band of the Hungarian celtic punk scene, The Scarlet has already had three gigs on the Irish Stages of the last years on the Sziget Festival, also released their first EP 'Midnight Avenue' in January 2015. Besides they made music videos almost for all these six tracks, the last year they had an outbreak to Switzerland. This will be their second birthday gig on the stage of the A38!

Band members:

Dániel Fekete-Szűcs: main vocal, guitars
Gergely Mészely: guitar, backing vocal
Júlia Seres: flutes
Dominika Mészáros: violin
Aurél Czövek: bass
Gábor Ridly: drums, backing vocal

Midnight Avenue, 2015

Travellers' Company

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