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20 years…

It also came, who would have thought this in 2003, and here it is!

The best "Oldoru", "Newdoru" and "Newoldoru" songs from the last two decades on A38, which is also celebrating its 20th birthday.

Guests: József Szolga, Gábor Nagy, Máté Kocsis, Balázs Pásztoy, Ádam Fellegi.

Come let's celebrate together

I ❤️ THE IDORU Marathon!




Palm trees, cocktails and the salty spray of waves breaking on the seawall. If you close your eyes, you can see these images while listening to SOFT's melodic punk tracks. Then you open your eyes, Kőbányai in hand, and you're still listening to a couple of aging punks play you the last positive guitar themes stuck in them in one of the clubs of this suffocating country.


The venue

A20 ≋ 20 years 20 nights ≋

A38 Ship anchored twenty years ago as the focal point of Budapest's cultural life. We celebrate this twenty years with twenty nights. Concerts, parties and You!...