National Unity Day: The Carbonfools

National Unity Day: The Carbonfools

National Unity Day: The Carbonfools
Friday 20:30
Concert Hall

National Unity Day: The Carbonfools

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One of Hungary's best-known concert bands, who have toured the country over the years, but have also toured in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Serbia and Transylvania. Their latest album, Carbonsun, was released in late 2019. Their unique electro-rock sound world regularly enchants students, who soon feel the band's motto: In carbon, we trust!


The Loyal Apples ’Club has been touring in Hungary and beyond for 8 years now. We are convinced that if Petőfi were alive today, he would be a rock musician. The repertoire of the Freedom Wanderers concert features the most beautiful Hungarian freedom songs written in recent decades. We have selected the evergreens that we think are an integral part of Petőfi's heritage - he could have written. New robes such as Find the Word, The Stray Angel, The Home is Something Different, and Beyond the Threshold, among others.
The concert holds countless surprises, the band is complemented by vocalists and accompanied by guest performers, inviting the audience to an exciting journey not only in musical experience but also in visuals.





  • The Carbonfools
  • The Carbonfools

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