Test Dept (UK), LivingTotem

Test Dept (UK), LivingTotem

Test Dept (UK), LivingTotem
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Test Dept (UK), LivingTotem

  • Electronic
  • Industrial

One of the most important bands of industrial music Test Dept arrive to Budapest to present their new album on a hilarious gig. 

Support act by LivingTotem, a one-man project: "dark levitation maintained by  connected electronic irons" between industrial beats and tribal rhythms.  Your imagination is the only limit when you delve into the music.  Tribal energies released from dark depth fall into the rhythm and settle  themselves into industrial motion.

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Test Dept (UK)

Test Dept is one of the definitely most important formations of industrial music, who gave their first legendary concert in the Hungarian capital in 1985. This time they return to give a real, close-fitting, industrially crushing show at the A38 Ship's Concert Hall on November 7th. One of the founding fathers of the genre - no matter how unbelievable - was waiting with the release of their new studio album for more than two decades, since their release in 1997 titled Enigma Of Doctor Dee / Vena Cava. Their album released in 2019 titled Disturbance shows that the 1981 formed orchestra has at least as much energy as the first time they played in Budapest. They are still able to get the most out of their little instrumental solutions, and the flames of political exhortation are high on their usual highs. At first we can say that this November Thursday will be one of the most important industrial club events of the year in Budapest.



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