Zenére éhesen? Koncert+vacsora az A38 Hajón 2017

Sóley (IS) - Endless Summer album-release, Josin (IS)

One of the most talented representatives of the Icelandic post-Björk generation Sóley returns to the Ship to perform for the third time. The great singer and artist of fragile ambients will be presenting her new album that features optimistic moods bringing the sunrays of the Icelandic summer into the concert hall. Her support will be the also Iceladic singer and muscian known fr hr elegnt minimalism: Josin.

Our special dinner offer:

Caesar salad with chicken

Sóley (IS)

Also a member of the Icelandic indie acts Seabear and Sin Fang, Sóley Stefánsdóttir performs delicate electronic pop on her own as just Sóley. Inspired by Scandinavian acts such as Sigur Rós and Múm, she began making music in her teens, and studied piano and composition at the Icelandic Art Academy in 2007. During that time she also played and sang with Seabear and Sin Fang, though at first she was afraid to sing too close to the microphone. She overcame that fear with experience and began work on her solo project, issuing her debut EP, Theater Island, on Morr Music in 2010. The following year, her first album, the more fleshed-out We Sink, arrived.


Josin (IS)

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