Cancelled: Slowly Rolling Camera (UK)

Cancelled: Slowly Rolling Camera (UK)

Cancelled: Slowly Rolling Camera (UK)
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Cancelled: Slowly Rolling Camera (UK)

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Jazz

We regret to inform you that this concert has been cancelled. Purchased tickets will be refunded.



Since 2013 Cardiff-based Slowly Rolling Camera have carved a path for themselves as one of the rising stars of the European jazz scene. Their heavy grooves, unleashed hooks and extremely emotional contrasts has become a hallmark of their epic sound.

With two albums (Slowly Rolling Camera, 2014 – All Things 2016) and an EP (Into the Shadow, 2015) featuring vocalist Dionne Bennett behind them, in 2017 SRC evolved as a unit, focussing on instrumentals, led by composer / keyboardist Dave Stapleton, drummer Elliot Bennett and producer / sound design artist Deri Roberts.

Deutschland Radio described the ‘way jazz and trip-hop merge in Slowly Rolling Camera’s music is genius’ whilst the Guardian announced the band as a ‘powerful newcomer with Rising Star written all over it. Superb!’.

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