Slapstick?, Gorg & Benzol

Slapstick?, Gorg & Benzol

Slapstick?, Gorg & Benzol
Wednesday 19:00

Slapstick?, Gorg & Benzol

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Slapstick? is a trio from Budapest who play funky, jazz and hip-hop genres, sometimes spiced up with a little electronica. At the moment, they do not have a permanent singer, so they are working with various guest artists on their upcoming album, from which several singles are already available. They also come to the concert with many guests (e.g. Lightghty) to bring their usual energetic, improvisational concert experience.


Gorg & Benzol

If you think that you can count on Gorg & Benzol to play relaxed light music and even extremely easy-to-absorb fusion jazz, you are wrong. Music theory oddities, hectic transitions to techno or Latin, stomach-churning and love songs go hand in hand. The exciting thing about it all is that they never know where they are going, but the point is that at least they get there in the end.


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