Siketfajd, Fleuves Noirs (FR)

Siketfajd, Fleuves Noirs (FR)

Siketfajd, Fleuves Noirs (FR)
Friday 20:00
orr stúdió

Siketfajd, Fleuves Noirs (FR)

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Fleuves Noirs (FR)

On the opening-title ‘Certitudes et probabilités’, Fleuves Noirs are at the helm of a Giallo soundtrack coming out of a noise rock compressor tinted with no-wave. The vocals fly in the air as strange incantations, sometimes like a mental theremine, sometimes like a punk shamanism. 

‘C’est pour ça’ pushes to the edge the principle of melodic and rhythmic rupture and shows that experimental music has still many things to tell.

What’s next ? / Care to discover what’s next?


Concert was realised with the support of the Liveurope.

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It is not purposefully performative oriental avant-rock, somewhere between first-line old hardcore and dense, drifting guitar music, in the middle of the steppe. Anyway, they're just average rockers, they get up every day.





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The venue

orr stúdió
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