The Serial Chillers (US/CL/GB/HU) single launch, Takeshi's Cashew (AT)

The Serial Chillers (US/CL/GB/HU) single launch, Takeshi's Cashew (AT)

The Serial Chillers (US/CL/GB/HU) single launch, Takeshi's Cashew (AT)
Saturday 19:30
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The Serial Chillers (US/CL/GB/HU) single launch, Takeshi's Cashew (AT)

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The Serial Chillers

The Serial Chillers are a staple of Budapest’s live music scene, known for catchy songs, charismatic performances, energetic experiences, and a plethora of good vibes and adventure. From funk to tribal, psychedelic to soul, lighthearted indie to heavy rock—the trip they take you on is like a magic carpet ride with many doors to open, and many hallways to explore.

The Serial Chillers are an international band formed in Budapest with: frontman Jeff Joyner (Ohio) on electric guitar, vocals, and psychedelic FX; Tibi Vesselenyi (Transylvania) on electric guitar and vocals; Leonidas Alcaide Lucero (Chile) on bass guitar; Mike Uren (UK) on funky drums.

Listeners have compared The Serial Chillers to artists such as Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Rage Against the Machine, Frank Zappa, and many others, though they are also noted for not settling into any one genre. The Serial Chillers have now released 4 full albums, as well as several singles.

The Serial Chillers have been featured on the front page of Budapest Times, published several times by WeLoveBudapest, and at some points in recent years their Spotify account has surpassed 10000 monthly listeners, thanks to several successful hits each reaching Spotify’s editorial playlists. Their most recent show was at Művészetek Völgye Fesztivál in July 2023.

Check out the Serial Chillers online here:

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Takeshi's Cashew (AT)

Go to your record shelf and pick out that quirky (and unforgettable!) folklore vinyl you once found on a fleamarket somewhere on your travels. And now imagine that sound being complemented by vintage synthesizers, flutes, twangy surf guitars, a hell lot of space echo ... & electronic downtempo beats! Takeshi's Cashew (Laut&Luise, Berlin) are a newly formed psych-funk group that explore the boundaries of club culture, world music & 70's psychedelia. All coming from different musical directions, they create a colorful fusion of their respective genres embedded in a club-like beat framework and elevate their often complex arrangements to a beautiful & danceable potpourri. During summer 2020 Takeshi's Cashew recorded their debut album "Humans In A Pool" in their tiny diy-studio in Vienna. This self produced record will take you on a journey into cosmic krautrock, cumbia, afrobeat & disco, which can only be surpassed by one of their live performances.


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