Sasa Lele, The Microwaves

Sasa Lele, The Microwaves

Sasa Lele, The Microwaves
Wednesday 20:00

Sasa Lele, The Microwaves

  • Pop
  • Rock

Sasa Lele

Sasa Lele is a 4-member formation playing British guitar music, which has toured Budapest (A38, Turbina, Kobuci, Dürer Kert) and several Hungarian festivals (Bánkitó, Campus, Ördögkatlan SZIN) since its formation in 2020. The guys released their first album in December - Murmurations - and are currently working on new tracks, some of which the audience can hear on the A38 terrace for the first time.

The Microwaves

If you feel the microwaves you can’t imagine, you’re just starting to twist the new Indie-Rock craze. The Microwaves mixes melodic British pop music based on exciting riffs, studded with pop-punk elements, hip-hop drum themes and folk details. The debut EP is already everywhere, but who else knows what's in the band's bag?

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