Exhibiton Space

The House of Hungarian Music presents: Sound Workshop, interactive music session at A38 Ship

Let's explore the music together! The Hungarian Music House's SoundWorkShop will bring a variety of musical experiences: there will be singing and dancing, there will be a fairy tale, and we will co-create together with Szilvi Bognár and hes orchestra. There will be tuneable, tried-and-playable instruments from around the world, and even a piece of music will be created by all the little composers.

The House of Hungarian Music is expected to open in December 2019, but the music experience represented by the institution can already be discovered for those interested. On Saturday, November 11, 2017, there will be interactive programs for children, nursery school children and their families by the Hungarian House of Music, where they can get acquainted with their own experiences with rhythm, melodies, instruments and MUSIC.

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