Friday 20:00
Concert Hall


  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul


Redzed became the most listened to Czech artist in the world in 2022, who perfectly mixes the genres of rap metal, trap metal and rap rock to create something completely unique.

Redzed is embarking on his long-awaited European tour for his latest album NOISE AT A FUNERAL. To which there will be on show in the Budapest A38.

As part of the christening, you can look forward to Redzed with a live band and a special show by Secret Guests from the US and a moshpit that won't leave you standing for a moment. A specially designed club to make the experience as intense as possible.

As part of his European tour, he will visit clubs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and other countries.

REDZED became most listened Czech artists in the world in 2022.

His biggest hit Rave in the Grave already has more than 50 million views across all platforms, but the other singles don't stay in the background either.



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