Preoccupations (ex-Viet Cong) (CA), Middlemist Red

Preoccupations (formerly called Viet Cong) is a band that perfectly suits the A38's all metal industrial ambient. They will bring a tough and driving sound that carries reminiscencies of This Heat and The Fall, a noisy post punk rock with great torpedos, nice cubic guitars and a industrial city's smoky contours in the background.

Preoccupations (ex-Viet Cong) (CA)

Originally known as Viet Cong before changing their name in 2015, Preoccupations play a clever, expressive fusion of art rock and lo-fi pop that maintains a very human pulse despite the extensive use of electronics and noise. The band was formed in 2012 by Matt Flegel and Scott Munro, two musicians from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Flegel was a member of the celebrated Calgary indie rock band Women, who'd broken up several months prior, while Munro had formerly played guitar with Lab Coast. While touring Europe as part of Chad VanGaalen's backing band, Flegel and Munro began working up ideas for songs, and when they heard about the death of Women guitarist Christopher Reimer, they realized it was time to start a new project rather than waiting for something better to come along. With Munro on guitar and Flegel on bass, the two invited former Women drummer Mike Wallace to man the drum kit, and Danny Christiansen, who had worked with Flegel and Wallace in a Black Sabbath tribute act, came on board as guitarist. In 2013, they released a four-song cassette cleverly titled Cassette that they sold at their shows during a North American tour with Freak Heat Waves; two of the songs from the cassette were reissued as a single by the Canadian indie label Flemish Eye, and an expanded seven-song version of the tape was pressed as a 12" vinyl EP by Mexican Summer in the United States. In January 2015, Viet Cong released their self-titled debut album. Citing concerns that their name might be offensive to some listeners, that April the bandmembers announced they had changed their name to Preoccupations. Their first album under that name was another self-titled effort that appeared in September 2016.

Middlemist Red

Middlemist Red is a hungarian psychedelic-rock band, founded in late 2012. The band consists of Soma Nóvé (vocals, guitar), Dávid Papp (lead guitar), Soma Deli (bass, backing vocals) and Ábel Ürögdi (drums, backing vocals). The band's main inspiration channels from late 60's and early 70's rock bands like The Doors and The Beatles, as well as bands from the new wave of psychedelic rock like The Black Angels and Tame Impala.
They released their first EP called "As If You Could Mess This Up" in november 2013 which received great response in Hungary. Their single "Single Switcheroo" has won in a major hungarian song-contest and soon after that, they've been picked by Deezer to participate in an international competition called "Young Guns". Middlemist Red made it into the best 4 from 182 bands and Deezer let the listeners choose the winner. After a few weeks the hungarian band collected the most listenings and likes and won the competition.
In 2014 the band was invited to play at numerous hungarian festivals such as Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival and also had the opportunity to play gigs with bands like Wooden Shjips or The Black Lips.
The first Middlemist Red LP called "Supersonic Overdrive" has been released on November 3rd on Deezer. In March 2015 the band went to their first european tour and soon after that key players of the music ecosystem picked them and 13 other artist to participate in Midem Festival's Artist Accelerator programme.
They start 2016 by attending at Europe's biggest showcase festival: Eurosonic Noorderslag.

MR's complete playlist of their album-release gig two years back

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