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András Petruska, songwriter and singer, combines Hungarian folklore motifs with elements of Anglo-Saxon rock and dance music. With suggestive, direct, humorous performance, and virtuoso guitar playing, Petruska plays a decisive role in the Hungarian young musician generation.

Petruska EgySzemélyes

One guitar, one voice – Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is what you see, but you hear more than András Petruska and his guitar. Where are the others? Are they behind the curtains or is it a playback? The reality is much more exciting. You are at András’ gig. The genuine guitar technique that you see is a blend of virtuosity and boundless fantasy. This complexity guarantees the band-like sound, although it is only András on stage.

By listening to András you can certainly rule out two theories. One is that for indie rock music you need loud instruments. The second is that the right venues for singer/songwriters are small cafés and pubs. András is a member of this unique style, but his performance can surely compete with full groups in terms of intensity and impact no matter how big or small the venue.

When András first takes on the stage, you are intrigued and mystified by his presence. Instantly his rhythm makes you want to move your head and want to dance. You may find yourself questioning again…one guitar, one voice? The answer is YES!

András is respectful and at the same time cheeky. His performances always demonstrates this whilst simultaneously grabbing the beauty of the moment, paying attention to details and never letting the audience go home without a musical climax.

During his 3 year solo career, he has played more than 300 gigs throughout Europe, including the famous Sziget festival. He greeted 2012 at Hungary’s most popular radio show, MR2 Akusztik. Later in the year he spent several months in the United Kingdom touring.






  • Petruska EgySzemélyes
  • Dalszerző-est az 56-os forradalom 60. évfordulóján Beck Zoli, Petruska, Zanzinger, András Upor, Duke Bluebeard, Papaver Cousins

    23 October 2016


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