Pegazusok Nem Léteznek farewell gig

Pegazusok Nem Léteznek farewell gig

Pegazusok Nem Léteznek farewell gig
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Pegazusok Nem Léteznek farewell gig

  • Rock

Delicious and kicking music along with refined, sad and joyful poetry in the lyrics: the Pegazusok Nem Léteznek band gives its farewell gig at the A38 Ship.

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Pegazusok Nem Léteznek

The songwriter-guitarist of the Kornél Esti Orchestra, Domokos Lázár, launched a new band in 2011 with his girl-friend, Eszter Ács. Their name was Pegazusok Nem Léteznek, taken from a cooler-magnet drawing. Their songs are mainly related to the relationships within couples, the tensions and beauties inherent in them. The duo creates the intimate atmosphere of the British xx with minimal instrumentation and monotonous musical bases, coupled with plain texts, but their music sums up the atmosphere of the underground underground of the eighties (Balaton, Trabant). The band was expanded to four members by the end of 2012 with the addition of Ágoston Lázár (drums) and Róbert Németh (bass guitar), in this line-up - the Péter Kirschner's guitarist, "Segít nekem", which has been playing national radio since March this year. No excuse, no play: here the songs are important and the things that are behind the songs are simple, often human stories.




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