Les Frankolorés concert and dinner

Peca concert, Maghreb dinner

Latin, Balcan, East-European and other music influences mix in the merry sound of the Peca band, during which you can have our special   African dinner: Maghreb-plate 1850.-Ft, Tunisian tajine with cuscus 2650.-Ft, Ataif (sweet pancake) with banana jam 980.-Ft. Admission free, please reserve a table at our phone number 06 1 464 3946 or e-mail address etterem@a38.hu!

Peca zenekar (HU)

PECA is a group where the music of many different cultures blend well together, with ease and joy. The style could be categorized as world music, but to be more precise, it has a little bit of everything that is uplifting and liberating: latin, afrobeat, gypsy music and all sorts of sonic influences from the Balkans and Eastern- and Central-Europe as a whole.

The band was formed in Budapest in 2003 as the result of a vision by flute and guitar player Barna Gábos. In his teenage years he fell in love with the Latin-American buskers playing mostly in the Budapest underpasses. This fortunate encounter urged him to purchase some instruments, practise a little, both musically and in terms of speaking Spanish, and shortly after he was able to join them, and the ball started rolling on from there. He deepened his craft and carved out his style year by year with the help and cooperative participation of many other musicians, which finally led to buliding his group PECA (meaning ’fishing’ in informal Hungarian), named after his beloved hobby.

Since then the band has gone through several transformations with the purpose of refinement and further maturation. The first album, titled Calle Cartagena 211 was released in 2005, a well-compiled first presentation of PECA’s musical calling and walk of life, including instrumentals, as well as songs where the lyrics are in Hungarian and Spanish.

Recently PECA has reinvented itself with some new members, adding fresh spirit and some very unusual instruments to their unique and ever-developing style. They have now truly grown up to become an esteemed live band setting audiences ablaze all over the country, with a potential international following.

Barna Gábos - flutes, guitar, vocals
Árpád Vajdovich - bass
Márton Takács - percussions
Károly Fehér - percussions
Norbert Kovács - drums
Róbert Vidák - guitar

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