Birthday Party of the Buddha FM

Birthday Party of the Buddha FM

Birthday Party of the Buddha FM
Sunday 15:00
Concert Hall

Birthday Party of the Buddha FM

  • World music, Folk


In September 2014, the only Buddhist radio in Hungary, BuddhaFM, began broadcasting. We are celebrating the past five years on this one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable evening on the A38 Ship on September 15, 2019.

The special evening will be a live broadcast of BuddhaFM, featuring the most popular Hungarian artists on the radio:

The evening will include a lecture by Andras Laár, a dedicated supporter of BuddhaFM, musician, humorist, and Buddhist teacher, who is scheduled to shine his sitar art on the eve. László Mireisz, President of the Gate of Tan Buddhist Church, talks with Lajos Kassai, master of bow making, the creator of modern equestrian archery, entitled Thought - Word - Action. Leader and head teacher of three Hungarian Buddhist communities (Csöpel lama - Karma Kagyüpa Buddhist Community in Hungary, László Mireisz - Gate of Tan Buddhist Church and Lajos Pressing - Buddhist Mission) In the last lecture of the evening, Antal Dobosy, Attila Márton Farkas and Botond Szathmári, eminent teachers of the Gate of Tan Buddhist College will discuss the relationship between Buddhism and modern science. László Kenéz, a Sakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) artist, Gabi Kenderesi mantra singer, Shivacult alchemist and multimedia artist and Szabolcs Tóth sitar artist will provide the spiritual experiences through music.

During the festive evening, a limited number of people can enjoy a truly special experience: at the BuddhaFM's 5th Birthday, we will be hosting a taste meditation dinner at the A38 Ship's restaurant. At this dinner, participants will experience that one of the highest levels of presence is when we are present in the organoleptic diet, as one of the strongest senses is the perception of taste, which is associated with samadhi of unity, also called sameness. During the BuddhaFM Sponsorship Dinner, we will conduct a meditation on the five flavors, led by Zoltán Cser, who will briefly explain how the five flavors relate to our various organs, components, emotions and states of consciousness. During dinner, special mantras will be revealed!

Tickets: 3000Ft, 5000 Ft, 10,000 Ft

- The entrance fee for the evening is 3000 HUF, which entitles you to attend performances and music programs in the A38 Concert Hall. Buyers of this ticket will contribute to the continued success of BuddhaFM with their share of the cost of the evening and their attentive presence.

- It is also possible to purchase a BuddhaFM Sponsor Ticket for  5,000. HUF With this attentive presence and base ticket price (which is intended to cover the cost of the evening), an additional 2,000 HUF will contribute to the continued success of BuddhaFM Radio.

- The third type of ticket is the 10,000 HUF BuddhaFM Sponsor Dinner Ticket. In addition to performances and concerts, the ticket holders can attend the Taste Meditation Dinner hosted by Zoltán Cser at the A38 Ship's Restaurant. Ticket purchasers, with their attentive presence and contribution to the base price and dinner expenses, will also help with the continued success of BuddhaFM radio.

The festive program:

15:00 - 15:10 Opening Address by László Mireisz, President of the Tan Gate of Buddhist Church

15:10 - 15:50 Lecture by András Laár

15:50 - 16:00 break

16.00 - 16.30 Lecture of László Kenéz Sakuhacs artist


16:40 - 17:30 Thought - word - action. Discussion between Lajos Kassai and László Mireisz

17.30 - 17.50 break

17:50 - 19:00 Common roots of Hungarian folk tales and Buddhist tradition. Csöpel lama, László Mireisz, Lajos Pressing. Moderator: Zoltán Cser

19. 00 - 20.30 Meditation Ceremonial Dinner with Zoltán Cser, sponsor dinner for BuddhaFM sponsors. 

Meanwhile, Gabi Kenderesi is singing in the concert hall, then Shivacult's in-house alchemist and multimedia artist.

20:30 - 21:20 Buddhism and modern science. Discussion between Antal Dobosy, Botond Szathmári and Márton Attila Farkas. Moderator: Zoltán Cser

21.20 - 21.30 break

21:30 - 22:00 Concert of Szabolcs Tóth sithar artist

Celebrate with us!

Thank you for listening to us!

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