Mordái, Daráge

Mordái, Daráge

Mordái, Daráge
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Mordái, Daráge

  • World music, Folk


MORDÁI returns to the A38 in a new line-up with guest musicians and a new repertoire.

MORDÁI from the repertoire of experimental Hungarian folk music movements of the 60s and 70s (Muzsikás

Band, Sebő ensemble, etc.) feeding folk rock band. The tone of the roadblocks is dark

evokes his spirituality.

Band members:

Nóvé Soma: Singing

Ferenc Vértesi: Guitar

Viktor Kapusi: Saxophone

Márton Csernovszky: Bass guitar

Ágoston Szipó Sipos: Drums

Dániel Varga: Alt saxophone

Support act by Daráge. Listen to their new album:


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