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Mongooz & the Magnet, Sasa Lele

Mongooz & the Magnet, Sasa Lele

Mongooz & the Magnet, Sasa Lele
Wednesday 20:00

Mongooz & the Magnet, Sasa Lele

After their kicking start of the year 2021 (MPA concert and Russian tour) the band is waiting for its loved audience for their first live concert in Budapest.


Mongooz & the Magnet

Mongooz And The Magnet is a trio formed in 2014 and is composed of four gentlemen from Ireland, Norway, and Hungary. The band draw their roots from music across the world, and with blues as their compass, they've set a path that flows from gritty guitar lead lines to catchy rhythms, and is sure to leave the audience tapping their feet.


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