Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós Again! titled exhibition

Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós Again! titled exhibition

Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós Again! titled exhibition
Tuesday 20:00
Exhibition space

Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós Again! titled exhibition

Miltényi is one of the most talented and loved young architects in Hungary whose secret passion is drawing. His favourites are small dreamlike animals who fight for their own peace, seek their place in the world and provide us with great love and compassion. He draws his light drawings sometimes on concrete just to make you convinced that easiness is not so easy. The exhibition will be on view till November 30th.

Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós

Miltényi was born in 1965.
He is an architect.

Art exhibitions:
Young Artists' Club - 1994
Contemporary Art Exhibition in Dunaújváros - 1996
Bahia National traveling exhibition - 1997
Young Artists' Club - 1998
K. Bazovsky House Gallery - 1999
Architectural Graphic Gallery Szentendre - 2000
Association of Hungarian Architects Exhibition - 2001
Paris, an exhibition of the Hungarian Yera events - 2001
Barabas Villa - 2004
Körzőgyár Octogon-ART Gallery - 2006
Klebelsberg Kuno Kultúrkuria - 2010
Venice Biennale - 2010

Book illustrations:
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Winkler Róbert: Dogs first names - TERICUM
Brown: A small guide to life - TERICUM
Brown: Another little guide to life - TERICUM
Brown: Little sayings from the life - TERICUM
Brown: Small book for Christmas - TERICUM
Willy Brerinholst: Father's Guide - TERICUM
Laszlo Mérő: Cast of mind - TERICUM
Laszlo Mérő: Everyone otherwise identical - TERICUM
Laszlo Mérő: The fickle nature of the principles - TERICUM
Laszlo Mérő: The evolution of money - TERICUM
Laszlo Mérő: You're a dance teacher? - TERICUM
Laszlo Mérő: The logic of emotions - TERICUM
Vadász – Miltényi: Oach, I will report this! - CORVINA


  • Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós
    Miltenberger Miltényi Miklós

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