Mehringer, Kristoaf

Mehringer, Kristoaf

Mehringer, Kristoaf
Wednesday 19:10

Mehringer, Kristoaf


Mehringer is made up of young, somewhat eccentric characters, forged into a team by the night in Pécs.

Regarding their style, they excitingly combine the spices from the rock history of the old days with today's catchy melodies and their increasingly liberated, honest lyrics. In their songs, they mainly deal with everyday feelings, the way people want to be loved and the way they love, as well as the exact opposite of this.

Boys don't want to adapt. Their main goal is to be themselves and to be able to say what we all feel, but not all of us can articulate.

Their debut single 'Ezt is polvuk' will be presented on August 10 on the roof terrace of the A38 ship.


He started out as a singer-songwriter, but now he works in electronic, chill indie pop

Kristóf Tóth, stage name Kristoaf, presents a nostalgia-flick for young people. His debut album, the "cast list" was published in the spring of 2021. One of the most exciting since then is considered an up-and-coming performer. Margaret Island with her band tours as a support band. His latest release features Hundred Sins and Lil Frakk shows a darker side with his participation.


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