Loyal, Jazztelen

Loyal, Jazztelen

Loyal, Jazztelen
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Loyal, Jazztelen

  • Rock

LOYAL band has honed their message more and more percussively over the past six years. This way their music became profoind and danceable at the same time. Although the band has undergone some member changes in recent years, now has come the point where Loyal has arrived on its own.

July 30 is an important day in the band’s life, with the release of their second major album on the A38 Ship. In addition to being the first joint vintage of the current line-up, the album is also an imprint of the now mature Loyal sound world.

In terms of the themes of the songs, it’s about everything from overnight adventures to nightmares to the shape of the space within us.


Gergő Baricz - singing

Peter Usztics - guitar

Gábor Megadja - guitar

Demeter Szilárd - bass

Ákos Fekecs - drums

Solymosi Kata - keys


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