Lick The Click Sunburst! - Crimson, Chrom, Isu

Early afternoon chill out above the waves.

Crimson & Chrom

These two vinyl-fetishist lads, both hailing from Székesfehérvár started to pull their IKZ events together around a decade ago, mostly concentrating on not so well-known styles in Hungary, under the umbrella of Méhkasaula, a local cultural organization. As their sound is it’s own animal, soon they’ve found themselves in the middle of the blooming underground of Budapest.The next milestone was the establishment of the trio of Lick the Click, together with Isu. These clubnights soon grew out to be one of the most charismatic event-series of Budapest. These parties are mostly revolving around minimal, deephouse, but detroit- and other fusion-sounds are also involved, just as such guest artists like Audio Werner, Daniel Stefanik, Frivolous, Butane, Losoul, 2562, Ame, Soulphiction, Moritz Von Oswald, Deadbeat or I:Cube. Crimson and Chrom became favoured invitees of quality underground organizer crews and parties as Ablak-A-Dubra, Hairy, Cinetrip, Hypnosis, Bomb The Jazz, Girls & Mathematics, Chi, NVC, Test, Electronic Beats or the Camp for Minimal Music Lovers. They can also be found behind the booths of the biggest Hungarian festivals, as Sziget, Volt and Balaton Sound.

Due to to versatility and the quality of the C+C sets, the guys were supporting act at the Hungarian gigs of artists like Carl Craig, Mike Huckaby, At Jazz, Quarion, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Todd Terje, Alex Barck, Red Rack’em, The Time And Space Machine, Luke Solomon, Rainer Trüby, Layo & Buschwacka!, Andrew Weatherall, Bruno Pronsato, The Revenge, The Sister Of Mercy... As the two C’s prefer the classic setup of vinyls and two decks, they usually try to avoid homogeneity in their sets, orientating to radical changes. Their viewpoints on music involve avant-garde novelties with the classical formulae, fusing punk, acid, jazz, tech, dub and dark elements into one individual whole. Their inspiration comes from DJ Koze, Pepe Bradock, Chateau Flight, Ame, Red Rack’em, I:Cube, Maurice Fulton, Prins Thomas, Alan Abrahams, Dixon, Michael Baumann, Matthew Dear, James Murphy, Ben Stranger Cook, Bowie, The Cure, The Creatures, Bauhaus. Their sets were played in radio shows of Mike Huckaby and Red Rack’em’s Smuggler’s Inn.

They constantly try to find the balance of emotions and dancing, and they never say no to turn the place upside down.


The story of Isu, a.k.a. István Kántor, starts around the first half of the nineteen-nineties in the logbook of the Hungarian underground music industry, making his name early on with his organizing skills and “cassette-jockey” sets.
After receiving his first Michael Jackson cassette - Bad – and getting to know black electronic music meant there was no way back: all of his pocket money went towards his ever-growing collection of industrial, techno and EBM records. In secondary school, with his like-minded friends Kalt and Dexter, he became a vinyl-junkie and started to roam the nightlife of Budapest.
In 1998 Isu started his civil service as a technician at the very much acclaimed underground Tilos Rádió of Hungary, where Tizso gave him a chance to broadcast his own radio programme, Eat da Beat, on air ever since on Saturday nights through to Sunday mornings. Not long after he joined Minimalheadz collective, the guys he set up the radio programme with.
He introduces quality electro and techno to the Budapest audience under the umbrella of Minimalheadz, inviting important foreign acts like DJ Assault, DJ Godfather and Matthew Herbert.
At the same time he started to work at the legendary I&I Record Store, gaining experience in the business. He currently runs Akt Records, one of the biggest electronic music record stores in Hungary, the favourite hangout of both the public and the professionals of Hungarian techno and minimal.
His biggest throws were the uniquely mystical Labyrinth parties under the Castle of Buda, brought to life with his friend Tégla, together with Alkotótábor, a mini-festival near the Lake Balaton, realized in 2003 with Fiba és Wuki from Keszthely, attracting more and more visitors every year.
In 2005 meeting Chrom and Crimson, they established Lick the Click!, which in the next five years became the most reliable series of events in Hungarian minimal/techno/house, featuring artists such as Matthias Tanzmann, Frivolous, the Noze, Dapayk Solo, Deadbeat, Moritz von Oswald ft. Tikiman and many others. Around this time Isu launches the Akt Records presents... parties with Szilvia Lednitzky, who also starts helping out in Lick the Click! and later Technokunst. The Akt Records parties enumerated artists like Modeselektor, Mr. Oizo, Apparat, Marko Fürstenberg or Monolake for the Hungarian lovers of electronic music.
In 2010, with acknowledged fine artist DJ Dork, he looks for a new platform to share their ideas on techno: Technokunst comes to life with the expressed aim of bringing quality – instead of commercial - techno back to Hungary. In Budapest’s only stable and quality club that thinks “differently”, the belly of the A38 ship, Technokunst.

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