Ladnybene 27, Sin Seekas

Ladnybene 27, Sin Seekas

Ladnybene 27, Sin Seekas
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Ladnybene 27, Sin Seekas

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Reggae
  • World music, Folk
Our country's reggae ambassadors maintain close ties with younger Hungarian and cross-border reggae-ska bands, often touring in the highlands, Transylvania or even in Vojvodina. At the 1K Festival, they are not yet in full force, but in return they are making a show specially composed for this evening, a unique reggae jam. The 27 members of Ladnybene are not only masters of the style but also mentors, nothing proves this more than their multi-year association with Sin Seekas. 

Sin Seekas spins the speed with funk, reggae and ska elements, and with their songs in English and Hungarian they embed it on the stage like a real Balkan madness. The band is a real crucible of Vojvodina, combining the different musical roots of the members and the Hungarian and Serbian traditions in their production. However, in the spirit of National Unity Day, they not only play their own songs, but also make arrangements. Lci Csorba (Lci plays), Sena and Kemon from the Irie Mafia, Anna Psztor, singer of Anna and the Barbies, join the unparalleled collaboration. 

The 1st Carpathian Basin Festival will continue to celebrate the diversity of Hungarian culture on board the A38 Ship in 2021 as well. From 2 to 9 June, a number of cross-border artistic collaborations await the audience on the occasion of National Togetherness Day in the concert hall. The 1K Festival is held in front of a planted audience with a limited number of people in accordance with the current epidemiological rules. The cultural event can be visited by presenting a protection card.





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