Tours de France

La Gapette (FR), Antonia Vai (S/HU), Csíbor

True Paris-carnival ambient will smash the space of the Ship on this night just like if we were on river Seine. A hilarious French band will set great music fire, a great Hungarian band will give extra power and a Swedish-Hungarian girl will give beauty with her songs. 

La Gapette (FR)

5 years, 500 gigs, 5 musicians, this is La Gâpette band from France. A band for which no cafe, bar or pub is a strange territory to perform, though they have stunned masses on festivals too. For their spontaineous energy and entertaining attitude don't leave calm any audience, and they do love every audience.  Their wird combination of accordion, guitar, double bass and vocals plaeses eveyone.  Discover fun and joy in their interpretation!

Antonia Vai (S/HU)

Antonia Vai, the exotic-looking, Swedish-Hungarian diva, who mixes soul with folk and a modicum of pop, releases a new album this autumn, the first single of which is Warrior Soul that came out in Spring with a video shot in Morocco. The versatile singer writes her own songs, and Warrior Soul gives voice to her inner nomad.

“Whenever I feel I can’t find my place, the end of something is drawing near, I need to set out. The road is my home, I have a dreamy nomad living in me, who won’t let me be. These were the cir-cumstances under which the new song was born, I wrote in on the road, for the road. I carried it around with me across three countries before it was finished: I recorded the introduction in Moroc-co, with a local flamenco guitarist, the rest in Budapest and Stockholm.”

The song focuses on finding and awakening the original inner force that helps us to stand up and go on after a hard time.


Csíbor  is a true funny beat band with refined tastes, strong sense of humour, special gigs featuring great joy, fiddle and flute.


Line up:
Bencze Tücsök Boglárka - fiddle
Horváth Mátyás Matthew - bass guitar, harmonica
Molnár Gergely Doki - drums
Artner Dániel "Bambi" - guitar
Várkonyi Mária Marcsi - flute
Zubreczki Dávid Dá - ének

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