Kriz & Friends feat. Borlai Gergő

Kriz & Friends feat. Borlai Gergő

Kriz & Friends feat. Borlai Gergő
Monday 20:00

Kriz & Friends feat. Borlai Gergő

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Jazz

Formation of jazz-funk trombone-player Krisztián Csapó KRIZ will give a concert with a special line-up this time on the roof terrace of the A38.

There will be an expanded wind section with the excellent lead trumpet player Dávid Csizmadia, Balázs Pecze, who stands out in the jazz and classical scene, and the former winner of the Gyula I. Csepregi jazz saxophone competition Sándor Lakatos.

The guest star of the evening is Gergő Borlai, a Los Angeles-based international drummer. He does not need to be introduced to most, his rare musical talent broke out as a child, his first solo album was released at the age of 17.

Since then, the list is long, on how many records and with what excellence he has played, his courses and concerts are not only listened to by drummers all over the world.

The other members of the rhythm section are also the inaugural master of their instruments, the Junior Prima Prize-winning pianist, Áron Tival, keyboardist, Jr. Pisti Tóth plays guitar, while the talent of the young generation, Tamás Péter, plays bass guitar.

The musical direction of the evening is funk-fusion with many winds and the highest level of drumming.

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