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Tuesday 13:00
Concert Hall


  • Pop
  • Rock

Kormorán band was founded in 1976 by Gergely Koltay. They were the first to combine the folk and rock genres in Hungary, creating a new style in Hungary. Since their establishment, they have published more than 140 music albums in Hungary and abroad.

Numerous rock operas (The Poet Returns, Ringing Bells, Elektra Forever, The Rectified, The Girl Dressed In The Sun, You Live Here, You Must Die, Trianon) and movie music (Julian, Conquest, Sacra Corona) are associated with their names. They made albums for others, among them Gyula Deák Bill and Miklós Varga, and worked with, among others, Charlie, József Kalapács, Athina Papadimitriu.

The band regularly performs outside Hungary in the Highlands, Transylvania, Vojvodina, Transcarpathia, but they have also toured throughout Europe, Venezuela and Cuba.

The well-known Kormoran songs on the A38 will now be played in acoustic instrumentation!

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