Due to the current epidemic situation it is mandatory to wear a mask in the entire area of the A38 Ship. Visitors' body temperature will be randomly measured with a non-contact thermometer.
According to the new opening rules A38 Ship is closing at 11pm every day.

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We regret to inform you that this concert has been cancelled. Tickets can be redeemed in the next 30 days.

"Yes, I was a founding member of the URH and Euróapa Kiadó, and yes, I came home from Australia to record my first solo album (for which I received funding from 72 supporters)," says Llászló Kiss, who became known as the bass player of these bands. . "I have always sung one or two songs in the EK, but now my pen has started writing, both in Hungarian and in English. My regular fellow musician and friend Béla Barabás will play guitar and bass, Norbert Kerék the piano and Péter Libertényi the drums. "

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