kisbetűs ünnepnapok, Máklikőr

kisbetűs ünnepnapok, Máklikőr

kisbetűs ünnepnapok, Máklikőr
Wednesday 19:00

kisbetűs ünnepnapok, Máklikőr

  • Pop
  • Rock

kisbetűs ünnepnapok

It cannot be denied that they are one of the bands of all time, and they usually behave accordingly. In 2018, three classmates from Újpest got together to play a band, and since then they have expanded to four members and have gotten to know more and more playing fields. Their goal is to never do the same thing in music as they decipher songs, they hope one day to decipher life as well. Not sad, not happy, lowercase.


The Máklikőr band consists of 4 young guys from Budapest who devote all their thoughts to telling stories and conveying feelings with their music. In the first period of the band, they mainly played during long evenings spent by the campfire, this can still be found in their style today, they involve the audience in their concerts in the same way as they did sitting around the fire. Their goal is to convey the feeling of freedom that they felt on the night of the band's format

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