Képzelt Város, Shallov (SK)

Képzelt Város, Shallov (SK)

Képzelt Város, Shallov (SK)
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

Képzelt Város, Shallov (SK)

After a long pause Képzelt Város (The Imaginary City) returns to the A38 Ship with an album-presentation show on February 15th. Support act by Shallov from Slovakia.


Képzelt Város

The band was formed by four architect students in 2005. There were several changes in the lineup such as an expansion to six members. Their music differs from the usual by the dominant role of the keyboard and the cello. This and the vocals in Hungarian highlight them in the post-rock scene. Floating themes and dashing bursts are both peculiar.

2008's Csend Utca EP represented a direction more likely towards popular alternative rock.
The turning point was the White Noise single in 2009, their first step on a new path that is being followed since then with continuously growing success.

The debut album entitled ’Mit Nekem’ came out on the 13th of November 2009 with support won on the PANKKK tendering organized by the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources. Studio recording and mastering took place at Altrecords and Bakery studios. The album is free to download from the band’s website.
During and after the recording several gigs were held in Hungary and in Austria. In 2010 the band played in Vienna twice accompanying the Austrian Our Ceasing Voice and the French Bye Horus.

In Hungary they played with Anneke van Giersbergen from Netherlands, Jeniferever from Sweden, Zeni Geva from Japan, Constants from the US, Heirs from Australia, Our Ceasing Voice, Bye Horus and to list some Hungarians: Turbo, marionette ID and pozvakowski.




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