Kensington (NL), DLRM

Kensington (NL), DLRM

Kensington (NL), DLRM
Saturday 20:00
Akvárium NagyHall

Kensington (NL), DLRM

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A38 Ship proudly presents the return of Kensington to Akvárium Klub on 28 March 2020! The Dutch indie rock band’s new album, Time is coming out on 15 November, and has an unusual story behind it. Kensington wrote it’s songs in the forests of Canada, where they were able to focus on what it is all about for them: making music. The band hits the road early next year to present the new songs to their fans around Europe.

Listen to the new album here!

Kensington (NL)

The sweet smell of success always draws the attention of vultures wanting to have a bite too. For Dutch indie rock band Kensington it’s the other way round. Vultures came before the hits, as it’s the title of the band’s second album. Their achievements at home are unrivalled. Additionally the album has been released internationally by Universal, in the GSA territories and Belgium.

Apart from the band’s name Kensington, named after similarly-titled areas in many international cities, which range from upmarket to impoverished, there has always been an international touch to Kensington. Their 2010 debut album Borders was recorded at Kaiser Chiefs' Nick ''Peanut'' Baines' studio in Leeds, while its 2012 successor Vultures was recorded in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Vultures was mixed by Cenzo Townshend - King among his peers in Britain – while American Steve Fallone (of Strokes fame) mastered both full-lengths. But let’s stop the name dropping here and focus on the band itself:

Domestically, Kensington is by far the band of the moment. Their string of festival and club appearances are endless, having played Europe's most iconic venues and stages.

The popularity of this band is growing daily. In April they picked up three prizes at the 3FM Awards, staged by the same-named public broadcaster (Holland’s equivalent to BBC Radio 1). They won the station’s Serious Talent Award plus awards for Best Live Act and Best Album for Vultures. 

In January 2013 Kensington played an unequalled amount of 11 shows at the Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase festival in Groningen, the network event for European bands. It was crystal clear to international professionals that this band has some bonuses. With Eloi Youssef and Casper Starreveld they have two great singer/guitarists in the band plus a rhythm tandem – bass player Jan Haker and drummer Niles Vandenberg - that never misses a beat.

And then there was this tweet by Coldplay, who recognised the band’s enormous potential. Chris Martin and his lot championed the video for Home Again to their 9.2 million Twitter followers on their official website and Twitter account. Talking about these Brits, Kensington has a similar pop sensibility with songs people can sing and whistle along with. Try to get Home Again, a massive pop tune, out of your head and you are bound to fail. Mission impossible! The song is featured in an international TV campaign by Jack Wolfskin. Kensington is a hit factory full of smashing tunes, which deserve to be heard everywhere in the world outside of Holland. Kensington’s Vultures are friendly birds of prey that will brainwash your mind with great pop sense.

They rose to undeniable international recognition with Rivals in 2014, thus dropping their fourth album Control to an already massive fan base in 2016.

Control's successor, Time will be released on 15 November 2019, giving the Budapest fans a couple of months to practise all the lyrics off it. All songs on the new album were written in the forests of Canada, and according to the band, it will be a deeper material than what we are used to hearing from Kensington.

Eloi Youssef: vocals, guitar
Casper Starreveld: guitar, vocals
Jan Haker: bass, backing vocals
Niles Vandenberg: drums



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