A38 Tetőterasz

Garbo, guest: Karmapolis

The great drifting, dreamlike songs by the Garbo band will give you great wings, while the Karmapolis' synthpop and darkwave will bring you miracle!  


The band wandering the borderline between indie rock and space disco - and creator of soundtracks of feature films and commercials - has recently strengthened the electro line in its repertoire. The crew led by Natalie Dimanovski, the enchanting underground diva, will return to the stage with new pop songs as hard as granite.


The electro indie band`s track `Time is Now` reached the semi-finals of the song contest `A Dal` in 2015 and has been on several radios` airtime ever since. During the course of regular concerts at prominent clubs in Hungary, they cooperated with London-based Swedish vocalist Vera Kebbe in 2016, and the resulting song landed in Hungarian pop music programme Petőfi TV.

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