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Kampec Dolores - Tema principale album-release gig

Góbi Dolores duók

One of the leading underground-progressive-jazz bands of Hungary will melt together the most distant worlds of sound.

Kampec Dolores

Kampec Dolores was founded in 1984 by Csaba Hajnoczy, Gabi Kenderesi and Szini (she used to sing and play guitar, later she changed for electric bass). In the early days they supported Nico in Budapest (1985), played at Eastern Europe's first international alternative festival (Carrot Festival, Warsaw 1987), and were support act for the 12-country revival tour of legendary American band Pere Ubu in Europe (1988). Their first record was initiated by The Ex, who invited Kampec Dolores to record in Amsterdam and released the LP on the Konkurrel label (1988). Kampec Dolores toured in almost all the countries of Europe from Spain to Moscow and from Sweden and Norway to Italy and Yugoslavia (1988/2002). They made their North-American debut at the prestigious Victoriaville Festival in Canada ('99).

Besides founders Csaba Hajnoczy (guitar, sampler) and Gabi Kenderesi (voice, violine) the recent line-up features Arpad Vajdovich (bass) and Tamas Olveczky (drums). Istvan Grencso, outstanding figure of new Hungarian jazz, had been an occasional cooperator with Kampec since 1997, and he is the constant saxophonist since 2000.

Line up
Gabi Kenderesi: vocals, violin
Csaba Hajnóczy: guitar, sampler, vocals
István Grencsó: saxophone, flute, recorder
Tamás Ölveczky: drums, percussion
Árpád Vajdovich: bass guitar

Kampec Dolores, 1988
Levitáció, 1991
A tű fokán, 1993
Zúgó, 1996
A bivaly hátán, 2000
Koncert!, 2003
Földanya, Égapa, 2006

Góbi Dolores duók

2011                 Hungarian Dance Academy - Master class

2005-2008      Hungarian Dance Academy - Faculty of Choreography

2003                 Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - Erasmus Scholarship

2003-2007      Intensive Workshops (different contemporary dance styles)
2001                Dresden Summer School
1997-2004      Hungarian Dance Academy - Faculty of classical ballet

1993-1997      Regular Ballet School, Novi Sad

2006 - Founder and Choreographer of Góbi Dance Company


2012           White wall - Body image Á la Rodin -                      
(Premier: Bethlen Téri Színhát, Budapest)

2011            DeuS ex Machuna – Wilding /generational dance-eroticism/
(Premier: Theater Festival, Szeged, Hungary)

2011            Jewelfantasy
(Eventuell Galery - GoBe Company, Design –Dance – Installation)

2010            Tolnai ‘s Dance Dictionary
(based on the works of the Hungarian poet Ottó Tolnai, Premier: Theater Festival, Szeged, Hungary)

2009            Fat Lady
(Premier: 5th Performing Arts festival at Gödör Club, Budapest)

2009            Dolly Snarly, the Forgetful Witch - children performance
(Finish-Hungarian coproduction, Premier: HurraHurra Festival, Helsinki, Finland)

2008            Torsos
(Premier: National Dance Theatre, Budapest)

2008            Tachyon
(Premier: Dance Palette Festival, Opera House, Budapest)

2008            Behind the Mirror
(Premier: POST festival, Pécs)
2008            Szilveszter
(Premiere: Gesture Festival, SÍN Culture Center, Budapest)

2008            Ars Geometrica
(Conception: Rozi Békési, Dániel Erdélyi, Abstract theatre, theatre am, inspired by the Bauhaus)
2007-2008      White Wall
(Premier: POST festival, Sétatér Fesztivál, Pécs)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
2007            Spires
(Premier: International Dance Festival, Pécs)

2007            Changing Colors
(Hannahanna Festival, Slovakia)

2007            Solo choreographies For Eszter Ledán
(student of the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest for a dance competition)

2007            Twisted Corridors and The Journey of the Wise man
(Stage movement for the actors in PerformanceSirkus, Helsinki, Finland)

2006            Canterbury stories - Choreography for prosaic performance
(Moricz Zsigmond Theatre, Nyíregyháza, Hungary)

2006            Marriage of Figaro
(Choreography for Mozart’s opera in Vörösmarty Theater, Székesfehérvár)

2006            Cinderella
(Choreography for Rossini’s opera, Ballet Pécs, Hungary)

2005            Dave Tipper- Triptichon
(Choreography for the National Ballet of Hungary and Ballet Pécs)

2004-2007       Solo Choreographies for Dance students of the Art Academy, Pécs, Hungary
(For Dóra Asztalos, Brigitta Vincze, Lajos Túri, and Szilveszter Székely)
2005                Solo choreography For Gergö Leblant – Helinki dance compatition
(student of the Hungarian dance Academy, Budapest)

2004                Choreography For Tamas Gregorovics’s
(solo singing performance, Budapest, Hungary)

Performance Activities (as freelancer)

2012                    The Collective of Natural Disasters: (IN)Finity
(directed by György Árvai, choreographer: Rita Góbi)
2011                     Andaxtheater: Last Tango in Paris (
directed by Anikó Zsalakovics, choreographer: Rita Góbi)
2010                     Andaxtheater: Reflections
(directed by Anikó Zsalakovics, choreographer: Rita Góbi)
2010                    The Collective of Natural Disasters            
(Clay - abstract fashion-show, visual–theatre, Choreographer: Krisztián Gergye, Disajner: Edit Szűcs)
2009                Nela Antonovic, Theatar Mimart (Belgrade): Memorandum

2007-                 Member of Réka Szabó’s Company – The Symptoms (HUN)
                             2011 – Kucok(children performance)
                             2010 – Mourning
                             2009 – The meaning of Life
                             2009 – Shadow Movie
                             2009 – Catastrophe Marathon (directed by Balázs Simon)
                             2008 – You Trash!
                             2008 – Nothing there- or do dreams go to sleep during the day?
                             2007 – Séance

2005 -               Member of Yvett Bozsik Company (HUN)
                            2011 - Mennyegző
                            2010 – Pöttyös Panni at School (children performance)
                            2008 – Traviata
                            2007 – Playground
                            2007 – Yellow Wallpaper
                            2007 – Magic Circus (children performance)
                            2006 – Four Seasons
                            2006 – Magic Flute
                            2005 – Ladder Tales (children performance)

2009                   The Collective of Natural Disasters
(Skin-membrane abstract fashion-show, visual-theatre, Choreographer: Krisztián Gergye, Disajner: Edit Szűcs)
2008                           Anna Réti (HUN): Inside Out
2008                           Ákos Németh (HUN): Trainspotting           
2007                           Andrea Nagy (HUN): White birds on bare trees
2007                           Attila Gergely (HUN): I of the needle
2007                           Gábor Vida (HUN): Styx

2003-2006                  Member of Ballet Pécs (HUN)
dancing in choreographies by:
Attila Egerhazy, Sándor Román, László Seregi, Gábor Keveházi, Patrik Jurányi (HUN), Neel Verdoon (NL), Jorma Elo (FIN)

2006-2007                 Vikoria Seregi (HUN): Lully
2005                           Antal Babits (HUN): Golem
2004                           Klara Pataky (HUN): Falling of Yellow Leaves
The Best Choreorgraphy prise at the Hungarian Summer Dance Theatre Festival (Veszprém)
2003                           Robert Lingren (USA): The Nutcracker

Film productions

2010                           Restlessness - dance film
(Choreographer: Rita Góbi, directed by: Nyika Jancsó)                                

2009                          Somersault - dance film
(Choreographer: Rita Góbi, directed by Bernadette Mayer ang Rita Góbi)

2008                           One bread, two bread…  - Short film - Actor
(directed by Edina Potyandi)

2008                           Reconstruction - dance film - Actor
(diredted by Linda Dombrovszky, Nora Lakos)

2006                          Ede Ate my Lunch - Episode actor
(directed by Miklós Jancsó)

2006                           Buhera Matrix  - Episode actor and choreographer
(directed by András Márton)

2009               XIII Festival of Choreographic Miniatures,
                        Belgrade, Serbia, Audience Prize
2007               Nomination for the Prize of Gundel in Hungary
2005               Dance festival, PRO FUTURO aknowledgement, Veszprém, Hungary
2004–2005   Fülöp Viktor Scholarship
2003               Solo dance Festival (Orkestika Foundation)
                        Prize for best solo choreographer and dancer, Budapest, Hungary
2003               Best graduating ballet student in Hungary


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