Jónás Vera Experiment x MA•ZE show

Vera Jonas' fascinating charm and ease, the freshness and profesionlism of her orchestra, as well as the dizzying pulsation and direct originality of a special dance production awaits you at the ship on this great night.

Jónás Vera Experiment

Vera Jonas Experiment
★ two shows at Eurosonic 2017 – one recorded by Rockpalast
★ Indie/Alternative Album of the Year 2016 Award (Fonogram - Hungarian Recording Industry Association)
★ Nagy-Szín-Pad Talent Show 2017
★ Plato Record Store show at Eurosonic 2017
★ opening for Skye and Ross from Morcheeba in November 2016
★ main theme of an original HBO series broadcast in Hungary and Spain, finalist at SXSW Film Festival 2017
★ original song for UPC commercial
★ selected for the second round of MIDEM 2016 Artist Accelerator program
★ Junior Songwriter of the Year Award 2016 (Artisjus)
★ Sofar Sounds Hamburg during Reeperbahn 2016


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